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One of the key tasks of UNODC is to produce and disseminate accurate statistics on drugs, crime and criminal justice at the international level. UNODC also works to strengthen national capacities to produce, disseminate and use drugs, crime and criminal justice statistics within the framework of official statistics. UNODC regularly updates statistical series on crime, criminal justice, drug trafficking and prices, drug production, and drug use. UNODC processes data to increase data comparability and to produce regional and global estimates. Further information on statistical standards developed by UNODC in the field of crime, criminal justice and illicit drugs is available at:.

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In the case of Hollywood, the answers are legion. Nearly all the authors who contributed work are crime writers, and nearly all of them are men. Not all of them tell the same story, but demographically, all of them are similar. Four of the eighteen pieces in the collection are by women, and two are by non-crime writers. She wrote a novel called Gravity in , which was meticulously researched and fairly successful.

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I knew it was a gross habit, and I knew it was wrong given the time and circumstances. But regardless of the fact, I ended up in that grimy parking lot every Saturday afternoon, hoping to Christ that nobody recognized my Jeep Wrangler and never allow me to live this down. I jumped every time a person rounded the corner in whatever aisle I was presently in, thinking it would be someone who knew my mother or siblings, or even someone I went to high school with. So why did I keep coming? If they made me snicker, I probably got some type of odd enjoyment out of them.