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Turning an old t-shirt or dress that no longer fits into an easy t-shirt dress by adding a skirt to a t-shirt. This project is simple and can be made quickly with this diy t-shirt dress tutorial. I choose my favorite fabric to make a skirt and then added the skirt to the t-shirt and had a cute dress! This post has been updated. I was really excited to pull this dress out to go with the pillows I made with the new Derby Day fabric collection.

Pattern shirt skirt t

These are really cute, want to try it! I can whip one of these up in less than 30 minutes. Love this idea! This is the perfekt way. I helped my granddaughter sew her own skirt. Sooo cute, and cheap!

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All posts and pictures are copyrighted by Autumn Baldwin and Roadhouse sex scenes content may not be reposted elsewhere. Fold it to make a waistband. Thank you so much. Learn how your comment data is Pattern shirt skirt t. Especially when there are so many free patterns out there to choose from! Fold paper in half so the marks at the top where you measured match then fold the paper in half. This article shitr worthy of Pahtern and comment. You can leave the seams out. XS-XXL Make Your Own Bow Scrunchie! Sweat Cosmo Graphic Sweatshirt […] ay not be reposted elsewhere. Divide by six because you will need six panels to make this skirt. This allows you to wear the skirt frontwards, Pattern shirt skirt t or backwards depending sskirt the mood.

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  • How to Make a T-Shirt Skirt.
  • This is a skirt that you customize for yourself.
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  • They are a great way to wear something comfortable but cute and be dressed up or down pretty easily with accessories.

When I met Dana , I fell in love with the skirt she was wearing. The next day, during the mystery workshop at Whipstitch, we were encouraged to use thrifted tees. But I was inspired. I developed an idea in my head I thought just might be crazy enough to work. The next chance I had to steal away alone, I made a beeline for Goodwill.

I found exactly what I was looking for, got my purchase for half-price, and excitedly headed home. The Hubs thought I was a little crazy when I explained my idea to him. I measured, cut, and finally, with trepidation, I started sewing.

Less than 30 minutes later I was wearing my Shirt Skirt!! A shirt skirt! The shirt skirt perfect for summertime. Comfortable, casual, and cheap. And the navy blue one to a casual family wedding. I made 2 others for a cousin. I had 2 women in Walmart stop me to tell me how comfy my skirt looked and when I told them how I made it, they demanded I call Rachael Ray immediately! The process is so easy. I can whip one of these up in less than 30 minutes. Wanna make some of your own?

I do my shopping at Goodwill for 1 reason. So those skirts on my clothesline? So, get your super cheap thrifted shirt. The bigger you buy it, the better. If you really want a pattern, check out the polos. I like to wash mine before I begin sewing. To determine what shirt size you should get, just make sure it will go around you.

You lose inches after you shirr it, so take that into consideration. Like I said, the bigger the better! So, lay your shirt out flat, and whack it off right under the sleeves. No measuring, no perfection. I like to use thread the same color as my fabric. I was highly intimidated by it at first, but I urge you not to be!

So I line my fabric up with the edge of my presser foot and put my needle in the right position. Now, I break a rule of shirring. Instructions will tell you to leave your threads and tie them. Well, I threw that rule out the window 6 skirts and 2 dresses ago! When I start sewing, I back stitch a few stitches, then sew all the way around the skirt. And what it looks like on the outside.

So break tradition and save yourself some time! Just use the edge of your presser foot as your guide as you sew. So you need to make sure you pull the shirt flat as you sew.

Use medium pressure when you pull. Experiment on scrap pieces from your shirt until you get it to shirr properly. Just keep sewing as many rows as you want!

I do somewhere in the neighborhood of , depends on my mood and the length of the skirt. I generally need to use elastic bobbins, so you might want to wind several before you start sewing to save yourself the hassle. Check your bobbin between rows to make sure you have enough to get back around. I wanted to go ahead and address some of them in the post just in case they get missed in the comments.

I was wondering how much the waist area decreased after shirring and steaming. So previous to sewing, it was 24 inches across when laying flat. After shirring and steaming, it was 22 inches. This is generally the XL size. Q: Could this be done with like a polo shirt? A: Yes of course! Any knit shirt would work! Polos might be a little tricky because they usually have a split seam at the bottom on each side. Q: How do you find t-shirts that are long enough.

Once I cut off the bottom under the arms, it seems SO short. Do you use extra long t-shirts for these? A: Typically, no.

But generally, the bigger the shirt, the longer it is. Q: I have NEVER heard of a elastic bobbin before, is it sold separately or is it separate stretchy thread that you somehow fill onto a bobbin? A: You buy elastic thread and wind it onto your bobbin by hand. Q: Is the elastic thread only used in the bobbin? Then regular thread used for the top? Also do you stretch the fabric as you go? A: Yes, the elastic is only in the bobbin. You use regular thread on the top. A: I use the neck part to make the Shirt Bibs , and I use the sleeves to make shorts or bloomers.

Q: Could you use shirring elastic in a smocking pleater?? Anyone with a pleater tried this? These are cute, but what size are you? What about a plus sized woman?

What material is the t-shirt supposed to be made of? I have cotton and the elastic is not tightening. I am having the same problem as Marcie…I made one with a cotton shirt and it did not tighten. I found a place online that told me what to set my tension etc to to shirr, and it tightened a little, but was still way to big for me.

What kind of tshirt fabric do you need? It was pretty easy to make! I like that it was so simple and I got such a cute skirt out of it. I really want to try a striped one! Caroline, you asked about the sizing. I used an XL shirt.

I may go one size bigger next time. Hope that helps! So it just may not be possible for you. It sounds like it just might not work for you.

Oh bummer, thank you Melissa. Thanks again! I made one today following your pattern. I hope you can check it out. I have wanted a sewing machine for as long as I can remember! And I got one 2 months ago for my 30th birthday! I could be a workaround for you. These are really cute, want to try it! Thanks a lot for that tutorial!

You can see pictures on my blog : sewingpot. I love shirred skirts. This is inside the navy skirt: And what it looks like on the outside. When you get back to the start, hold the fabric open and flat while you do your back stitching.

I left the sides wide, because I like my nighties to be loose. I think vertical stripes would be nice to. Your email address will not be published. Comments Awesome Thanks for the round up! Sign up to get posts via e-mail. My daughter wanted a wide skirt.

Pattern shirt skirt t

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EASY Upcycled T-shirt Skirt - Infarrantly Creative

Follow me on Pinterest to see what inspires me! It is no secret I have an obsession with upcycling t-shirts. I must admit I am slightly obsessed with making them. Not only are they unique and adorable, they are comfortable as all get out and take me less than 30 minutes to make once I overcame my fear of my serger. All of this fabric came from Lil Blue Boo — including some of her custom designs she screenprinted onto the knit fabric.

I took an infinity scarf class at SNAP last year that she was teaching and grabbed some extra to play with at home. These skirts are insanely easy to make. Obviously it would be easy to accommodate for a larger size.

Take the waist measurement and divide it by 4. Then I cut four pieces the exact same size from four different fabrics. Next with wrong sides together serge the edges so that the serged side is on the right side. Do that with all four pieces until you have the skirt constructed. Fold right sides together and sew the edge making it a continuous circle of fabric now.

Next fold it in half lengthwise with right sides together and serge it to the top of the skirt with the seam aligned with the back of the skirt. The serged seam will be on the inside of the skirt and not on the outside. I feel like it lays nicer that way even though the rest of the seams are serged on the outside. If you want to add a t-shirt yarn drawstring cut two small slits into the front of the band cut through one layer of t-shirt material not both.

I did this for one of the skirts. This allows you to wear the skirt frontwards, sideways or backwards depending on the mood. They are so fun to make and super simple.

For a little added fun cut and tie scraps to a hair tie for a matching pony tail holder. Trim the edges. Do you love up cycled t-shirt ideas? Enter your email address and learn how I built a 6-figure business with no one watching. And you can too! This is an example of a widgeted area that you can place text to describe a particular product or service. All Rights Reserved.

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Pattern shirt skirt t

Pattern shirt skirt t