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Misty kitten meaning of

Misty kitten meaning of

Misty kitten meaning of

The phone behind me rang, I stood up too quickly, and hammered my skull into the edge of my desk. Mint — Logical, intelligent, friendly, open, light Misty kitten meaning of. Tall — Tall, intelligent, cooperative. Absolutely nothing poetic or romantic about that one. Keely — For cats that are beautiful. Misty kitten meaning of We are getting a kitten and it is a grey female so i might name it Misty!!! Ashanti — The Ashanti were a group of people in what is now modern day Meanimg. Dapple — Caring, dappled, graceful. Pounce — Good jumper, playful, good hunter.

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Buckley — A male cat name referring to young cats. Kiyten — For brightly furred cats. Lucky — Happiness and having good luck. Boss — Likes his own way. Baldwin — For courageous feline Misth. Donovan — A male cat name for dark-furred kittens. Log — Tough, brutish, strong, reserved, hardworking. Valery Misty kitten meaning of For strong cats. Eckerd — Sexy romantic erotic clean cats. Dreaming of a black and white kitten. XO was wonderful Misty kitten meaning of you. Naomi — Honest beautiful in Japanese. Arnold — For powerful cats.

The popularity of cat names differs by nation, even nations with the same language.

  • We are collecting all possible cat names with their meanings.
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The popularity of cat names differs by nation, even nations with the same language. Adrian Frankllin, senior lecturer of the School of Sociology and Social Work at the University of Tasmania and author of Animals and Modern Cultures , told the Sunday Tasmanian in "In the s and '60s dogs and cats were given ' dog ' and ' cat ' names.

People are now giving animals the same names as contemporary names given to babies. In Australia, the United Kingdom [2] and in the United States, news accounts have noted that the same popular baby names were also being given to pets.

Historically, the cat-specific names "Tibbles" or "Tibby" were common, and are still occasionally used. These were derived from the character of Tybalt or Tibert in the Reynard the Fox folk tale cycle, [7] and ultimately from the Germanic name Theobald , derived from theod- "people" and bald "bold".

Scottish cat names included "Baudrons" or "Baudrans", an affectionate term equivalent to "puss". In that poll, conducted for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 2, people in the United Kingdom were asked about their pets' names. According — statistics from the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association 34 percent of United States households own at least one cat, an estimated 90 million cats in total.

The list based on information from and released in January was gathered from , policies. Finally, a Gallup poll of 1, Americans was completed in In Germany, "'exotic English and other non-German names are popular with German pet owners", according to an article in the About.

Muschi was also quite common and carries the same meanings as "pussy" in English, which led to its sharp decline as a popular name in the last 20 years. According to another About. This name is even used for cats in Korean cartoons such as There She Is!! Other very popular names include:. Veterinet found that nine out of the ten names are the same as 15 years ago, but in a different order.

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In order to achieve your goal, you will have to co-operate with some other people. Katsumi — Self-controlled in Japanese. Your Name. Origin: English. Dreaming of a brown tabby kitten. Amanda Our misty had to be put down two days ago. Siri — Tiger in Nigerian.

Misty kitten meaning of

Misty kitten meaning of

Misty kitten meaning of

Misty kitten meaning of

Misty kitten meaning of

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Dreaming of a black kitten. A black kitten in your dream means that you are not sure what you expect of your life. Dreaming of a black and white kitten. If you have dreamed of a black and white kitten, it is not a good sign. A lot of sadness and suffering expects you in a following period. Dreaming of a brown tabby kitten. If you have seen a brown tabby kitten in your dream, it means that some important news expect you very soon. You will be surprised and your life will probably change a lot.

Dreaming of an agressive kitten. If you have dreamed of an agressive kitten, it means that you will have issues with a woman in your life. Dreaming of a fluffy kitten.

Dreaming of being scratched by a kitten. If you have dreamed that you have been scratched by a kitten, this dream indicates problems that you will have with a female person in your life. Dreaming of chasing a kitten.

If you dream that you are chasing a kitten, it means that there will be many obstacles on your way to success. You will have a lot of worries and problems in a following period, but you should not give up. Dreaming of a kitten attacking you. If you have dreamed that a kitten has attacked you, it means that it is time to think well about your relationship.

You may not be satisfied with the relation you have with your emotional partner and you two may be too different. Think well what you actually want and try to solve the problems in your relationship, if it is possible. Dreaming of running after a kitten. If you had such dream, it means that you will have problems with a project that you have recently started. It is possible that you will have difficulties at work, so it will be very hard to get out of that situation. Dreaming of multi-colored kittens.

If you dream of multi-colored kittens, it means that you will work in a team soon. In order to achieve your goal, you will have to co-operate with some other people. Augustus — For cats that carry themselves with dignity and majesty. Aurelia — For cats that are golden coated. Axel — A male cat name especially for older cats that are calm and peaceful.

Azizi — Precious in Egyptian. Bacio — Kiss in Italian. Badare — A cat name referring to a cat that is very meaningful in your house. Badger — A small black mammal with white facial markings. A name for strong and aggressive cats. Baffi — For cats that have some extended fur or hair on their chin forming a mustache-like thing.

Bailey — For those who love Irish cream. Balbina — For strong and powerful cats. Baldric — For bold and courageous cats. Baldwin — For courageous feline friend. Bambi — For cats that are very young; great name for kittens. Bamey — For brave cats. Bane — Meaning the long-waited child in Hawaiian.

Bao — Precious treasure in Chinese. Bark — Secretive, reserved. Bartram — For glorious cats. Basil — For cats that are royal and majestic.

Bathilde — A female cat name for heroine. Beau — French in origin, the name Beau means handsome, pretty, or beautiful. Bee — Aggressive, rambunctious, irritable. Beech — Prideful, aggressive, risk-taker. Beetle — Good-natured, independent, hardworking. Belfast — A cat name after this largest city in Northern Ireland. Benito — For cats that reminds you how blessed you are.

Berkely — A cat name after Birch tree meadow. Berlin — A cat name to remind you of an awesome dinner, event, a proposal or anything that happened in the capital of German. Berry — Caring, sweet, moody, cocky. Bianca — For white furred cats. Birch — Good-natured, cooperative. Bird — Graceful, quick, quiet, timid. Bitgaram — The name means a light river in Korean. Black — Stern, mysterious, sly, reserved, black-furred. Blanco — Spanish for white. Blizzard — Aggressive, see Snow.

Bloom — Open-minded, see Flower. Blossom — Quick learner, easily changed, kind. Blue — Wise, calm, collected, intelligent, meek, blue-gray furred. Bluebell — Graceful, elegant, traditional. Bomber — Lies in wait to attack you. Bora — A female cat name for an adult cat that was got from a foreign country. Boris — A cat name for a cat that can fight very well. Boss — Likes his own way. Boulder — Firm, stoic, strong, wise, reserved. Bracken — Hardworking, mentally flexible.

Bramble — Determined, loyal. Breann — For strong and powerful cats. Briar — Helpful, protective, defensive, independent. Bright — Happy, outgoing, smart or clever, bright-furred. Brigid — A cat that is much disciplined and very virtuous. Brindle — Quiet, caring, kind. Bristle — Pushy, strict, stern, spiky fur.

Britta — A beautiful name for cool cats. Broken — Aggressive, independent, grumpy. Bronislava — For cats that protect your home. Brown — Brown furred, a name for calm cats. Brunhilde — For dark-furred and noble cats. Bruno — For brown-furred cats. Buckley — A male cat name referring to young cats. Buddy — The meaning is: A Rocky Reef. Origin: English.

Bumble — Good-natured, kind, easygoing. Buzzard — Fierce, wise, aggressive. Origin: German. Dai — Great, large in Japanese. Daisy — Kind, caring, pale-furred. Danbi — It means welcome rain in Korean.

Dandelion — Outgoing, playful, kind, positive, gullible, naive. Dapple — Caring, dappled, graceful. Darcy — A great name for black-haired cats. Darek — For the love of this talent ruler. Daria — For cats that have kingly traits. Dark — Dark-furred, aggressive, determined, dark appearance. DaVinci — Renaissance Artist. Dawn — Different, collected, quiet, loyal, light-furred. Deer — Timid, quiet. Deirdre — A female cat name referring to a woman.

Dell — For honorable cats. Delmy — For honorable and protective cats. Demetria — Goddess of harvest and fertility in Greek. Demetrius — For cats that love playing on bare ground; they love earth. Dew — Skilled, intelligent, quiet, light-furred. Dexter — For cats that are black or dark furred. Dick — For cats that are brave and strong. Divino — A cat name that reminds you of divinity. Doe — Meek. Dolce — A cat name given to refer to sweet cats that have great character.

Dominico — A cat name that reminds you that the cat belongs to the lord of the house. Domo — Thank you in Japanese. Donatella — For beautiful cats that are great in every activity; they are superstars.

Donatello — For cats that were given as a present to you. Dong — Means east in Korean. Donovan — A male cat name for dark-furred kittens. Dooman — Meaning dumpling in Korean. Doraemon — Stray male in Japanese. Dove — Graceful, collected, smart. Doyle — A cat name for a black cat that is not used to your homes. Draco — For cats that are red haired; a great name that reminds you of the existence of dragon.

Drift — Quiet, reserved, lightweight, distracted. Drizzle — Lightweight, small, shy.. Drucilla — For cats with dewy eyes; watery eyes.

Dublin — A cat name after the capital city of Ireland. Duck — Quirky, gullible, good swimmer. Dunya — For a cat that usually pleases you every time you look at him or her. Dusk — Intelligent, quiet, courageous.

Dust — Aggressive, loyal, hardworking, cocky.. Dutch — Means a German. Eavan — For cats that are innocent and playful. Ebba — For strong cats. Echo — Calm, caring, good learner, mimicker, silver-furred. Eckerd — For clean cats. Edison — American inventor. Edsel — For cats that are honorable and brilliant in various activities. Eel — Solitary, irritable, sly, aggressive. Eginhrd — For strong cats. Eiko — Eternal child in Japanese. Eimhin — For cats that are very swift in their activities.

Ekaterina — Pure in Russian. Ekon — This African name is a great one for a large, male cat because it means strong. Elana — A cat with big eyes like a torch. Elena — For brightly furred cats. Elica — Name given to honorable cats. Elise — A short version of the beautiful name Elizabeth in Hawaiian. Elly — For cats that are very bright and have big eyes like a torch. Elsa — A female cat name of reminding you how your friend Elizabeth is awesome.

Ema — Some cats looks thoughtful every time, this is their name. Ember — Independent, brave, reserved. Emelia — For a cat that is easily admired. Emi — Beautiful blessing in Japanese. Emiko — Beautiful blessing child in Japanese. Emma — For cats that are whole and complete. Ena — A cat name representing fireire. Eneki — Meaning avid or eager in Hawaiian. Enrico — For a cat that domineers or rules in the house compared to other cats.

Eri — Blessed prize in Japanese. Erin — A cat that was got from a prosperous and a land of abundance. Ernesto — For cats that are always serious. Essie — For sparkling cats. Etain — For cats that are very jealous. Etana — Name for strong cats in Hawaiian. Etta — For kittens that are beautiful. Eurydice — A female cat name after Mythical wife of Aeneas. Eustacia — For adults cats that have are fruitful.

Eva — A cat that gives you an inspiration every time you see him or her. Evander — A cat name after benevolent ruler. Evangelina — For cats that brought some good news into your home. Evgen — For cats that were born well. Fairuz — Turquoise in Arabic. Fallon — For cats that are great in being in-charge. Fallow — Kind, cooperative. Farfalla — For playful and very beautiful cats. Butterfly in Italian. Fawn — Name for a shy cat.

Feather — Naive, graceful, light, calm, swift. Feechi — Feechi is a really cute name with a big meaning. This African name means to worship God. Felix — For cats that are always lucky.

Fennel — Firm, calm, collected. Fern — Friendly, kind, quirky, peppy. Ferret — Timid, sneaky. Fidel — For sincere cats. Fidget — Twitchy, shaky, has seizures. Fin — Carefree, small, friendly. Finch — Smart, easygoing, outgoing. Finley — A male cat name referring to a hero. Finn — For young cats that are great fighters.

Finnegan — For white cats. Fionn — A male cat name for handsome cats. Fire — Fierce, passionate, bold, loyal. Flail — Has seizures. Flame — Collected, see Fire. Flash — Bold, energetic, brash, bright fur, see Strike. Flax — Thin, cautious, collected, intelligent. Flint — Calm, collected, intelligent, standoffish. Florentina — For beautiful and pretty cats. Florian — For cats that are productive yet beautiful. Flower — Graceful, collected, kind, good-natured.

Fly — Energetic, small, nagging. Fox — Outgoing, cocky, clever or smart. Frankfurt — For the love of this old city in the central German.

Franz — A cat name expressing freedom. Frau — A female cat name for Mrs.. Freckles — Small brown spots on the skin. Frieda — For peaceful or joyful cats. Frimunt — Name for excellent and honorable cats. Fringe — Standoffish, reserved, ragged fur, spiky fur. Fritz — A great name for calm and peaceful cats. Fritzi — For peaceful and calm cats. Frog — Cooperative, see Toad. Frond — Playful, friendly, sweet. Fros — Cold, solitary, caring, white-furred.

Fuku — Lucky in Japanese. Fumiko — Child of abundant beauty in Japanese. Fumio — Scholarly hero in Japan. Furze — Quirky, bold, friendly. Fuzzy — Fluffy or scruffy fur. Gael — For cats that have their origin from Irish.

Galina — For calm and quiet cats. Gallagher — A cat that is helpful or crucial in your home. Galway — A cat name after this city in West Ireland. Gandalf — The wizard in Lord of the Rings. Garan — For cats that are protective and great guardians. Geishav — A professional entertainer in Japanese. Gemma — For those cats that are very precious, expensive and attractive.

German — For cats that have a German origin. Ginkgo — A large shade tree in Japanese. Giovanni — A cat name that reminds you that God is gracious. Glasnevin — A cat name after the neighbor of Dublin.

Glenda — For those cats that are clean and righteous. Gobinet — A cat that brought joy to you and your family. Golden — Passionate, bold, outgoing, golden-furred. Gormly — A cat that is always gloomy and sad. Gorse — Hardworking, dependable, reserved.

Goya — Wild cat in South African. Grass — Straightforward, open. Gravel — Grumpy, quiet, sketchy, pessimistic, strong. Gray — Gray-furred. Greta — For the cats that are very precious to you. Guinness — For those who love this famous beer in the world.

Gull — Loud, intrusive, sarcastic, snarky. Gunther — Great name for cats that love fighting and has constant battles with others. Haiku — A form of Japanese poetry in Japanese. Hail — Tolerant, reserved, tough. Half — Good name for an easygoing cat. Hamburg — For the love of this city which is the second largest city in German.

Hanako — Flower child in Japanese. Haneul — Heaving, sky in Korean. Hani — Meaning adopt or lucky in Hawaiian. Hans — Gift from God in German. Hare — Swift, small. Haru — Spring in Japanese. Also means day in Korean. Haruki — A spring time tree in Japanese. Haruko — Child of the spring season in Japanese. Haruna — Spring vegetables in Japanese. Haruto — Sun flying in Japanese. Hawk — Fierce, aggressive, strong, smart, good eyes. Hay — Lazy, carefree, eccentric, friendly. Hazel — Kind, friendly, hazel-furred.

Hea — Means grace in Korean. Heather — Smart, determined, loyal, bold. Heavy — Heavy, tall, large, strong. Hee — Means brightness in Korean. Hei — Meaning wisdom in Korean.

Heidi — For cats belonging to a noble kin. Helga — For cats that look clean and holy. Heron — Calm, gentle, organized, positive.

Hickory - Open, stern. Hilary — For cats that are very cheerful and playful. Hilda — For cats that like having battles with others. Hina — Sun vegetables in Japanese. Hiolair — A cat that is happy always. Hiro — Generous in Japanese. Hiwakea — For black and white cats in Hawaiian. Ho — Meaning goodness in Korean. Hollow — Gullible, friendly, determined, light, weak. Holly — Bold, fierce, loyal, determined. Honcho — Leader in Japanese.

Honey — Sweet, friendly, kind, hazel or pale brown-furred. Hoot — Playful, energetic. Hop — Energetic, good jumper. Horace — For cats that are always timely in their waking up, eating and sleeping. Hoshi — Star in Japanese. Hula — This is Hawaiian Dance, so it is a great name for a pet that loves to move. Hwan — For bright cats in Korean. Ichiro — First son in Japanese. Iggy — A cat name for those cats that have fiery eyes. Inama — Wild animals in Zambian.

Indy — Indiana Jones. Iolana — Meaning soaring hawk in Hawaiian. Irina — For cats that are calm and peaceful. Islen — For cats that have very sharp and acute vision. Italia — For those who love Italy. Ivan — To remind you the grace of God. Ivana — God is gracious in Czech. Ivy — Solitary, determined, secretive, smart or clever. Jameson — For the lovers of Jameson Irish whiskey. Jasmin — Meaning flower in Hawaiian. Origin: Greek. Javiera — Owner of the house in Spanish.

Jay — Intelligent, collected. Jiro — Second son in Japanese. Judo — Martial art form in Japanese. Jump — Good jumper, hyperoptimistic. Jun — Obedient in Japanese. June — A cat name that reminds you of what happened in June. Jung — Meaning righteousness in Korean. Juniper — Reserved, quiet, meek, sweet. Juro — Tenth son in Japanese.

Kaelyn — Meaning meadow in Hawaiian. Kagen — A cat that is very creative and a great thinker. Kai — Meaning rejoice or celebration in Hawaiian. Kaiko — Meaning stormy sea in Hawaiian. Kaimi — Meaning baby in Hawaiian. Kaipo — He or she is your sweetheart in Hawaiian. Kaiser — For cats that are leaders. Kaito — Ocean flying in Japanese.

Kala — Meaning black in color in Hawaiian. Kalara — For brightly furred cats. Kale — Meaning bright in Hawaiian. Kali — Kali is a powerful name for a female cat. Also Black in Hindu.

Kameko — Longevity in Japanese. Kamilah — Perfect in Egyptian. Kana — Given to express how powerful your cat is in Hawaiian. Kapu — Means beware in Hawaiian, if you want others to know your cat is around. Karima — Generous and noble in Arabic. Katashi — Firm in Japanese. Kathalina — For cats that are very clean and pure. Katsu — Victory in Japanese. Katsumi — Self-controlled in Japanese. Katya — For pure and blameless cats. Katze — The German name for cat.

Kawaii — Meaning the water in Hawaiian. Kazuko — Child of harmony in Japanese. Kazumi — Harmonious beauty in Japanese. Kea — For a cat that reminds you to always rejoice.

Keely — For cats that are beautiful. Kei — Lucky, fortunate in Japanese. Keiki — A great Hawaiian name for a companion pet. Kelani — Meaning heaven in Hawaiian. Kelsey — A cat that is brave and bold. Ken — Healthy and strong in Japanese. Kenichi — Strong, healthy first son in Japanese. Kenji — Strong, healthy second son in Japanese. Kenshin — Modest truthful in Japanese. Kenta — Large strong, healthy in Japanese. Keola — Meaning the life in Hawaiian. Keone — Best for kitten meaning little rascal in Hawaiian.

Kestrel — Mentally flexible, hardworking, smart. Kieli — Means heavenly garden in Hawaiian. Kiko — Chronical child in Japanese. Kikokiko — Hawaiian name for speckled cats. Kimi — Noble in Japanese. Kimiko — Empress child in Japanese. Kin — Gold in Japanese. Kioko — Happy child in Japanese. Kira — For cats that are dark. Kkulbbangi — It means seeming delicious in Korean. Koa — For those brave or fearless cats in Hawaiian.

Kobe — A city in Japan in Japanese. Kohana — Small flower in Japanese. Koji — Shining second son in Japanese. Koko — A common and popular short form of many names in Japanese. Koto — Japanese harp in Japanese. Kouta — Great peace in Japanese. Krishna — An Indian Divinity. Kulani — Meaning reveal heaven in Hawaiian. Kumiko — Long-time beautiful child in Japanese. Kunio — Country man in Japanese.

Kuro — Ninth son in Japanese popular male Japanese cat name. Kwan — For only strong cats in Korean. Kyo — Cooperation in Japanese.

Kyoko — Respectful child in Japanese. Kyon — This name means brightness in Korean. Lani — Meaning heavenly in Hawaiian. Lanikai — Means heavenly sea in Hawaiian. Larch — Timid, calm, gentle, soft-spoken. Lark — Bold, open, kind, outgoing, friendly. Leaf — Collected, quiet, smart, gentle, caring. Lencho — Lion in Ethiopian and Kenyan. Lennox — Eurythmics member Annie Lennox.

Lento — For cats that do their things slowly from waking up to walking. Leo — The meaning is: Lion. Origin: Latin. Leona — For brave and strong cats. Leopard — Pushy, bold, loyal. Letty — For cats that usually brings a smile on your face, great joy or gladness. Lev — For the brave and strong cats. It means lion. Lia — For cats that brought some good news to you.

Liam — For cats that are very brave and great warriors. Lichen — Meek, curled or matted fur. Licorice — A black colored candy. Liesel — A cat name to remind you that you of a certain oath you made. Liffy — A cat name after the river that flows through Dublin. Light — Collected, see Bright.

Lightning — Sneaky, swift, solitary, smart, bright-furred. Lilja — Lily in Finnish. Lilo — For generous cats in Hawaiian. Lily — Gentle, caring, graceful. Limerick — For old cats after the ancient Irish city. Lina — For cats that are at a tender age. Lion — Bold, regal, wise, strong, loyal, cooperative. Little — Small, shy. Lizard — Grumpy, straightforward, down to earth. Log — Tough, brutish, strong, reserved, hardworking. Loki — Norse god of mischief. Lona — For those cats that are very precious, beautiful and expensive.

Long — Loyal, gullible, long body part. Loud — Loud, bold, outgoing, bright, loyal. Lucia — For cats that are bright and light. Lucky — Happiness and having good luck. Lugh — A cat that is excellent in war. Luigi — For cats that are great in war and fights. Lulu — This sweet name is great for a female cat.

Lux — For cats that are bright and very light. Maeko — Honest child in Japanese. Maggot — Irritable, grumpy. Mai — Brightness in Japanese. Maia — Goddess of spring in Greek. Maiko — Child of dance in Japanese. Mairea — Cats that are very precious and beautiful to you. Maki — True hope in Japanese. Maksim — For cats that are big in size and basically greater than the rest.

Mal — A cat name meant to honor it as a chief in your home. Malea — Hawaiian name for Mary. Malean — Expresses the aspect of bitterness in Hawaiian. Mali — For calm cats in Hawaiian. Malia — For calm cats in Hawaiian. Mallow — Blunt, kind. Mambo — For those who love this type of a Latin dance. Mami — True beauty in Japanese. Mana — For powerful cats in Hawaiian. It means supernatural force.

Also Love in Japanese. Mao — Dance cherry blossom in Japanese. It also means Cat in Korean. Maple — Determined, skilled, strict, sweet. Marigold — Friendly, kind. Mariko — True village child in Japanese.

Marina — For a cat that was got from marine or from the sea. Mario — A cat name of Italian origin. Marrone — For cats that are brownish. Marsh — Caring, curious, collected, kind, quirky, grumpy. Marta — A name after a lady. Maru — Round in Japanese.

Masi — Nickname of Masayori in Japanese. Mattone — For cats that are very sturdy and firm. Maus — For small sized cats. Mausebar — A cute name for medium-sized cats. Mave — A female cat name for a cat that was got in the season of joy. Max — The meaning is: A Salmon Basin or large spring. Meadow — Kind, friendly, outgoing, open, has many pelt colors. Meara — A cat that is always happy and merry. Mee — For a cat that has outstanding beauty in Korean. Meka — A great Hawaiian name for a big-eyed pet.

Mele — The name means a song in Hawaiian. Meli — Meaning honey in Hawaiian. Merlin — Magician that taught King Arthur. Messina — For cats that are middle-born. Mi — Beauty in Japanese. Michi — Pathway in Japanese. Michiko — Righteous way in Japanese. Midge — Small, shy, intrusive, annoying. Miho — Protected, guaranteed beauty in Japanese.

Mika — Beautiful fragrance in Japanese. Miki — For quick or nimble cats in Hawaiian. Miku — Beautiful sky in Japanese. Milani — Meaning caress in Hawaiian. Milk — Kind, forgiving, motherly, white-furred. Min — The name means clever in Korean. Minako — Beautiful child in Japanese. Minnow — Timid, quiet, introverted. Mint — Logical, intelligent, friendly, open, light fur. Mio — Beautiful cherry blossom in Japanese.

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Abelard — A cat name meaning resolute. German origin. Abert — For Intelligent or honorable cats. Abriana — For cats that are very active and vibrant. Italian origin. Ace — For cats that are noble in their behavior. Latin origin. Achilles — For cats that are brown or dark haired. Also Warrior in Greek. Acorn — Outgoing, curious. Adalbert — For intelligent cats.

Adalhard — For the brave and wise cats. Adalrik — For cats that are very precious friend to you. Adderv — Aggressive, loyal. Adela — For cats that are basically pleasant. Adelina — For noble cats. Adler — A cat name for fast and accurate cats.

Adolph — A name given to noble cats. Adrian — For cats that were got or belong to a rich and wealthy family. Adriana — For a cat that was got from a sea region. Adrianna — A cat name after Adrianna of Italy. Adrina — A cat that rekindles some aspects of happiness in you or they are always happy, playful and active.

Aeolus — A cat name that is respected and honored like a deity. Afra — For cats that are calm, peaceful and harmless just like a dove. Agatha — A great name describing a good cat. Ahmad — Commendable in Arabic. Aidan — For cats little cats that are very active.

Origin: Irish. Aiko — Beloved in Japanese. Aimi — Beauty in Japanese. Airi — Love jasmine in Japanese. Ajax — For cats that are swift and very light like an eagle. Aka — Meaning shadow in Hawaiian. Akela — Hawaiian name for noble cats. Akemi — Beauty in Japanese. Akina — Autumn green in Japanese. Akio — Bright man in Japanese. Alaine — For female cats that are very beautiful. Alamea — Meaning precious in Hawaiian. Alana — Meaning awaken in Hawaiian.

Alba — For purely white cats. Alberto — A cat that is brightly haired. Alda — For cats that you want them to live long. Alder — Reserved, cautious, wise. Aldo — A name given to old cats. Alecia — A cat name for cats that are of a noble birth. Aleesha — For cats that are noble and kind.

Alemana — Meaning a warrior in Hawaiian. Alese — For beautiful and attractive cats. Alessandro — Defender of mankind in Italian. Aleta — For cats that are very faithful and truthful. Alexander — For cats that have protective ability. Russian origin. Alian — A female cat name for bright and beautiful cats. Alie — For truthful and noble cats in Hawaiian. Aliikai — Meaning the Queen of the sea in Hawaiian. Alika — Meaning guardian in Hawaiian. Allana — A great name for a kitten who is like a child to you.

Allegra — For cats that are always happy, playful and joyous. Allessandro — For cats that defended your child from that snake bite by killing the snake. Alma — A cat that you hold with a lot of respect and honor just like your soul. Aloisia — Great name for cats that like fighting. Aloysius — For cats that are great fighters and warriors. Alpha — For cats that are first born in their family. Alphonso — For steady and eager cats. Altaman — For cats that learn things quickly including their names.

Alto — For cats that are basically taller than their colleagues. Alva — For cats that are regarded highly. Amanda — For cats that are easily loved because of their appearance. Amara — For cats that you want to be with them forever. Amare — This African name actually derives from a basketball player who played in the NBA for a number of years.

Amaya — Night rain in Japanese. Amber — Pushy, strict, amber-furred. Ambrossio — Divine in Spanish. Amey — For fast cats like an eagle. Ammery — For cats that are relatively large. Ammiro — For cats that are admired by every person who sees them.

Amorita — Little loved in Latin. Anabelle — For cats that are loved by people easily. Analu — Meaning a man in Hawaiian. Anatolio — A cat that is bright, shiny, beautiful and are early risers. Anatoly — Sunrise in Russian. Angela — For cats that are very beautiful and sparkling.

Angelina — For cats that are tiny and young; a beautiful name to give your kitten. Angie — For beautiful cats. Anita — For gracious cats. Anka — A name for graceful cats. Annamaria — A female cat name that reminds you of your girlfriend, mom, child or wife called Mary.

Misty kitten meaning of