Joe francis sex-Girls Gone Wild’s Joe Francis says sex tape was stolen. Here’s our free legal advice for the thief.

The tycoon — recently convicted of misdemeanor counts of assault and false imprisonment — threatened criminal and civil action if the video was ever released. But thanks to Hirsch— a pal and fellow skin-flick peddler — the tape will never see the light of day, TMZ reports. He apparently bought it from the seller for an unknown amount, then gave it right back to Francis. The video is said to be of professional quality. You will never see this tape.

Joe francis sex

Joe francis sex

Steve, Joe has always said what a stand up guy you are in business and what grancis great friend you are. Joe has always said what a stand up guy you are in business and what a great friend you are. Your information holds your future opportunities. By Meghan Keneally. Popular Shopping. Thinking of scaling back after the kids have flown the Joe francis sex Image. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

Lump sum social security payments. Post Digital Network

Times News Platforms. I stand up for the 1st Amendment. Join the conversation. In exchange, a girl who goes wild will receive a T-shirt, a pair of panties, maybe a trucker hat. In Maya U. According to court documents, she said that Francis, upset about the noise garbage collectors made in the mornings, had harassed Jow threatened her, twice climbing up to her Joe francis sex window and pounding violently on the glass Wife turned lesbian screaming obscenities at her whenever he saw her. She Joe francis sex to him. People Magazine. The camera then captures Szyszka lying on the bed. I love girls.

Oh, the irony.

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  • Photo: Joe Francis with girlfriend Abbey Wilson.
  • The sprawling and stunning property also known as Casa Aramara is a favorite destination for notable celebs including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West — and the place where Kim shot 6, selfies over four days.

Oh, the irony. TMZ broke the story saying that Francis is claiming his personal sex tape was stolen from the possession of his long-term girlfriend Abbey Wilson. Francis exclusively told TMZ that he has nothing to do with the tape being released and he has been frantically trying to make the situation go away. He does not want this tape to go public. It is not only unfortunate, but it is a crime. As such, this office will take all necessary steps to determine who in fact has done this and who is attempting to distribute the video.

By Lauren Weigle. Updated Jun 5, at pm. Getty Images. Published Jun 5, at pm. It looks like Joe Francis has become the star of his own sex tape. The Girls Gone Wild founder claims his personal sex tape was stolen. Details here!

I was waiting, still shaken, outside the club for a cab to take me back to my hotel. I took her to a lunch. Why, I ask, is she here? Kovalev Fist Bumps and Selfies In , Wilson's iPad , containing private sexual videos of Francis and Wilson, was stolen. The Kardashians are likely now Googling other Punta Mita-level hotspots for their next luxurious vacation. We love our little reporter.

Joe francis sex

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Francis pleaded not guilty to all charges. His lawyers asked a judge to suppress all the evidence, claiming it was illegally confiscated, and she agreed. The parents of four of the girls in the Chateau Motel case filed a civil lawsuit in federal court accusing Francis and his company of a raft of offenses, including child abuse and sexual exploitation.

People close to the investigation say the FBI is looking at Mantra in connection with the alleged filming of underage girls. His franchise is by its nature a constant party, and it can be exhausting. And the money keeps pouring in. But the women are changing, Francis tells me, and that makes him sad. Now that the brand is so pervasive, the women who participate increasingly appear to be calculating exhibitionists, hoping that an appearance on a video might catapult them to Paris Hilton-like fame.

And Francis is getting a bit old for spring break. I just get hounded by kids. In January , as news reports recounted, he was forced at gunpoint to simulate sodomizing himself with a vibrator as an intruder videotaped him in his Bel-Air mansion. A year-old named Darnell Riley was arrested 14 months later, after police received a tip from Paris Hilton. Riley pleaded guilty to robbery and attempted extortion and was sentenced to 10 years and eight months. He is serving his time in Corcoran State Prison.

On his jet, Joe Francis flies above America, fast asleep, curled up on a foldout leather bench and swaddled in crisp white sheets. His tan face is still, his large mouth slack. Nearby, his crew of young men sit quietly, careful not to disturb him. When he wakes from his nap, Francis pads in white socks to the bathroom.

There the fixtures shimmer and the hand towels are plush, white and stitched with his initials in gold thread. Francis has the confidence, charm and sly intelligence of a back-slapping fraternity leader. He hopes the girls will be pretty, he says.

Pretty and wild. He says he loves women, is crazy about them. The words he chooses, the stories he tells—they make a different point. But a qwerty keyboard? Never heard of it. His eyes register my blank stare and he pounces, full of glee. Sort of. Qwerty, qwerty, qwerty. The two seniors zeroed in on my friends, who were rebellious and too young to drive.

Although I had often gone skinny-dipping with large groups of kids, the idea of taking off my shirt for two dorky guys in exchange for a badge seemed silly. No one would fall for that. Then one summer day, my best friend and I were walking to the video store when the Trans Am pulled up. She was a shy, straight-A student. Why would she do it?

But I find myself asking the same question I had put to my friend back in Iowa: Why? I call Vicki Mayer, a sociologist and Tulane University assistant professor, for guidance. At the same time, Mantra recruits hard-working and attractive young men who will be able to sweet-talk women into taking their clothes off for the cameras. Mayer has studied the young cameramen, who, she says, often sign up because they hope to break into Hollywood.

Usually, she says, they end up disillusioned after spending night after night with women who lose their inhibitions for a T-shirt. I kind of feel like both sides could be seen as exploited. Francis arrives at the nightclub outside Chicago and is waved past a long line of people that snakes in front of the low-slung building. His entourage heads for the bar, bypassing an expanse of empty tables, to climb up to a narrow platform surrounded by a metal fence.

This is the VIP section. They are writhing against one another, their faces fixed in dazed sexual stares. Everyone clusters around a small table stocked with Red Bull, vodka and pitchers of fruity punch. When I turn to the flock of pretty girls, Jillian Vangeertry, a year-old student, offers me a warm smile. Why, I ask, is she here? I ask if she plans on going wild for the cameras later. She shrugs. He says his boss is nothing short of brilliant. Francis returns from his dance-floor foray.

I follow Francis and his bodyguard through the crowd to find Kaitlyn Bultema. I ask her why she wants to get noticed. Getting famous will get me anything I want. At her feet, a crowd of hundreds is gyrating to the pounding house music. Szyszka tells me later that as she was spinning around the strip pole that night, Francis appeared, grabbed her arm and pulled her toward him.

At first she felt comfortable, she says. Inebriated and excited, she says she was led to the back of the bus, to a small bedroom. A small bathroom is off to the side, with a half-sized shower with faux marble tiling, and on the floor of the shower is a crate holding cheap and fruity-flavored rum, whiskey, tequila and Kool-Aid. The camera then captures Szyszka lying on the bed.

Her nails are chipped, her eyes coated with makeup. She smiles. The unseen cameraman asks her to take off her shirt, her skirt, then her underwear. She sprawls on the bed, her legs open. At his suggestion, she masturbates with a dildo, saying repeatedly that it hurts but also feels good.

Eventually, Szyszka says, Francis told the cameraman to leave and pushed her back on the bed, undid his jeans and climbed on top of her. And I keep telling him it hurts. Afterward, she says, Francis cleaned them both off with a paper towel and told her to get dressed. Szyszka says Francis told her that what happened had to stay between them. She says she agreed, and they walked to the front of the bus. Another asked if she wanted to hang out on the bus.

Within days, Szyszka says, she told her father, who was angry about what she said had happened but kept quiet at her request. A month after the incident, she says, she told her sister and mother. She feels guilty, she says, for getting herself into the situation in the first place.

He seems to lose control, repeatedly referring to me by a crude word for female genitalia. As for why the porn kings didn't involve police Hirsch told us, "Because of the time-sensitive nature of the situation I made a decision to expedite the process and return the movie to its original owner. Got a tip? TMZ Live. TMZ Sports. Check Out The Sexy Getaway! Stars Using The Gradient App See The Famous Transformations! Cuba Gooding Jr. Rob Kardashian Sober and Slimmer

Joe Francis’ gal pal thanks Vivid CEO for keeping sex tape under wraps | Page Six

We broke the story Francis had threatened to sue everyone and their mother over the tape, claiming it was stolen from his GF's iPad. But Francis can call off his legal pit bulls for a change Turns out, the two porn moguls are friends same porny circles As for why the porn kings didn't involve police Hirsch told us, "Because of the time-sensitive nature of the situation I made a decision to expedite the process and return the movie to its original owner.

Got a tip? TMZ Live. TMZ Sports. Check Out The Sexy Getaway! Stars Using The Gradient App See The Famous Transformations! Cuba Gooding Jr. Rob Kardashian Sober and Slimmer And It's Not Just Disney!!! Lori Loughlin Faces New Charges Canelo vs.

Kovalev Fist Bumps and Selfies Elliott from 'E. Monica I'm Single Again!!! Divorce from Shannon Brown Finalized.

Joe francis sex

Joe francis sex

Joe francis sex