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Where exactly did you get your psychology degree? Your definition of alcoholism is slightly askue In fact, I would say your dead wrong. There are several mobsters that are also people's heroes, but I am afraid that doesn't change the fact that they were not good people. They were just good at what they did.

Homosexual john wayne

Many modern families have trouble living on enlisted pay. Wayne's failure to serve his country during World War II is something that always comes up in biographies and programmes. I have read just Homosexual john wayne every John Wayne biography and interview with him that is available and some that aren'tand I don't remember a single instance where it was said exactly how much alcohol he drank, other Hoomosexual to say that he never drank when working, he never showed up for work drunk or unable to work because of drinking, Many of them said that he was able to drink a "prodigious" amount without getting drunk, but the term "prodigious" is a Homosexual john wayne term. The last man inducted entered the Army on June 30, Any sort of dependency is neither a sin nor Moral faili mgs and addictions are medical issues according to the AMA.

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They've tried the old Rooseveltian thing of trying to laugh him out of political value of his party. It's perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. I got word that he wanted to see Lump charcoal bargain at his home in Palm Springs, and when I got there, he said, "Hi Duke, down for the deathwatch? Looking back, men and boys-turned-men talk with amazement at how hard Wayne pushed himself, doing nearly all his own stunts, his own riding. The two headed trout thing is a bit strange to me too. On Friday, January 12th,Wayne entered hospital for gall bladder surgery, which turned in a nine and a Homosexual john wayne hour operation when doctors discovered cancer in his stomach. John Jihn The Life and Homosexual john wayne. Your wording says that it didn't matter to you that he was gay. When you use a group of companies with different names it actually sounds somewhat legitimate. During his conservative political Homosexual john wayne in the late s and early s, students opposed to his political stances would often walk out of or boycott university film classes that screened his films. My search for Raymond Street Publishers Homosexual john wayne that it is not Nashville-based, jonn is actually in Alabama. It took me about a year to restore. His family also used this name on occasion in reference to him.

John Wayne made the comments to Playboy in

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Where exactly did you get your psychology degree? Your definition of alcoholism is slightly askue In fact, I would say your dead wrong. There are several mobsters that are also people's heroes, but I am afraid that doesn't change the fact that they were not good people. They were just good at what they did. JW was a good actor, a great seducer, and an alcoholic. Well, Rebecca, you bring up several points so let me try to address them. I do not have a degree in psychology.

Do you? And if you do, did you meet with John Wayne to analyze him? This is what you are doing as well — stating your opinion as a fact, and you should know better also. Your comparison of John Wayne to mobsters is at best faulty, and at worst, slanderous. There is nothing in his life that compares to criminals.

I seriously doubt you ever met him, much less knew him, and yet you offer up such an opinion as if you did — just like Jensen. This is a John Wayne Fan Site. Its purpose is to present accurate information about John Wayne for his millions of fans worldwide, and that is what it strives to do.

If you wish to post further comments or questions, please feel free to do so, but I would ask that you refrain from stating your unfounded opinions as validated fact. This is a fan boi site, it's purpose is to preserve the legend of John Wayne. No fan site is about accuracy, because they are created and run by fans, not impartial people. Now on to alcoholism, while I did not meet John Wayne and analyse him, you wrote "In fact, there are numerous accounts of John Wayne being able to consume prodigious amounts of alcohol with little to no effect.

This is a common trait of addicts, their lives are spent intoxicated, so they can function and appear "normal" in that state. Any man who didn't consume copious amounts of alcohol was consider a bit off, and someone like John Wayne would have worked very hard to make sure he presented the image of a "real man".

I love your defense of the Duke. Michael Munn's book is lovely because Munn knew Wayne and really had affection for him. The other is John Wayne :American and both books cooroberate what you have so eloquently stated.

This Jensen guy seems like a "muckraker" to me. It feels like he is taking anything negative about Wayne and then finding anything to support that but as you say he's making his own narrative. I've read four books on Wayne and they all basically say the same things.

He was a good and decent man who like all of us had flaws. I am an alcoholic and trust me, Wayne wasn't just based on his behavior. He was way to driven for that. Ford who was an alcoholic went on pretty serious benders and Wayne hated seeing "pappy" like that. No way Wayne would fall prey to that. It is a fresh look at these three. I think you'll really enjoy it. A lot of people are heavy drinkers but not alcoholoics.

An alcoholic cannot function without alcohol. He or she depends on it and is often self medication for any number of reasons and yes I have worked in detox and rehab. Any sort of dependency is neither a sin nor Moral faili mgs and addictions are medical issues according to the AMA. Heavy drinking and alcoholism are not one and the same. I tend to look at it this way. There are functional alcoholics who work and pay their own way through life and dysfunctional alcoholics who can't keep a job and depend on other people for food and shelter.

If John Wayne could be classified as an alcoholic, he was definitely a functional alcoholic as he worked all his life and supported himself and a large family. It is also my understanding that he had substantial financial assets when he died. He was also very thrifty in one area of his life. He reportedly smoked about 6 packs per day except while under pressure while producing, directing, and starring in the movie, The Alamo, when he would smoke 10 packs or one carton per day.

Dude, you need to understand apostrophes. Look it up. Well "helu," if the only issue you have with my review of Jensen's book is my misuse of apostrophes, then I thank you for reading the review and apparently liking it. The television interview starts off with Jensen saying he is a John Wayne fan? I don't think so! I don't think I ever heard so many lies in so short a time as I did watching that interview. I know! And his lies and deceit do not stop with the interview. They go on throughout his book, and even into the marketing of his book.

And this guy is supposed to be a lawyer? He could be the poster child for distrusting lawyers! I happened upon your blog concerning the controversy with Mr. Jensen book and found it very interesting. I have never heard of Mr Jensen nor had the opportunity to read his book but your blog about its inaccuracies gives me some idea of its content. It would be unfair to draw a conclusion on the truthfulness of Mr.

Jensen, the his publishing company and its affiliation is very telling and sums up your suspicions well and your scorn for his work. After reading your blog, I found an Amazon review of another book covering the life of Mr.

Wayne by Kujifanya Jina which I found amusing: Excellent read adds resonance to growing body of evidence about Wayne's true life. Congrats to both authors for publishing true history and not succumbing to the public relations spins that mar history. The author confesses his reverence for John Wayne, Ward Bond and John Ford, and his reverence tends to get in the way of his analysis. His research into the career of Ward Bond is exemplary, and he brings forth a long-overdue telling of Bond's genius as a character actor.

Where this book falls short is in its acceptance of incorrect or incomplete facts about Wayne and Ford and in his skin-deep analysis of the psycho-sexual, alcoholic co-dependency of Wayne and Ford.

Kudos to the author for bringing forth another episode of Ford's bisexuality during the silent movie days , covered in Marueen O'Hara's autobiography first. Jina, is that his name means "Pretend Name" in Swahili. Given that Mr. Jensen has created the "Writers of the American West" which is the parent organization of "Raymond Street Publishers" which was also created by Mr.

Jensen, I can only assume that Mr. Jensen and Mr. Pretend Name Jina are also one and the same. With Mr. Jensen engaging in such a high degree of deceit, it is really no wonder to me that his book is full of lies and unsupported suppositions.

As far as I am concerned he made movies that made me happy, the rest is between him and his family and his God. To you who wish to defame or tear down I say flake off Carnes, I couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks for the comment and thanks for dropping by!

Well said my friend.. This is a typucal tall poppy syndrome, where someone feels the needs to bring a someone who has achieved great things down a notch or 2 and what a shame it is happening to John Wayne. In my eyes he is and always will be a great movie star. I grew up in Australia watching his movies with my dad abd even though dad has passed I still watch these movies over abd over, for me personally I thank JW fir the great memories for each time I watch a movie he is in I remember the great times with dad.

I was 10 when JW passed away and cried for days, this is the effect the man, the legend, had on me and I thank him for that. I have decided, however, to leave them up and offer my comment. I think his comment really shows just how far John Wayne's detractors will go to smear him, his name and his memory. They have never met him and know little to nothing about him, yet they continue to have the audacity to pretend to speak authoritatively about him, and, as in this case, attempt to psychoanalyze him.

But they obviously have a point where their tolerance and love stops, and turns into a cancerous rabid hatred; and that point is where someone, anyone, disagrees with them. I am interested if it has been written anywhere concerning a quantifiable amount of alcohol that John Wayne drank per day.

I read where he stated that he had a 6 pack per day cigarette habit of unfiltered camels. I also thought someone stated that he drank a quart of whiskey each day. For instance, Wyatt Earp's diary is supposed to have stated that Doc Holliday drank 5 quarts of whiskey each day. I think Earp was really embellishing that story. Please email me your response. Hi Bill, I don't have your email address, so I'll have to respond here.

I have read just about every John Wayne biography and interview with him that is available and some that aren't , and I don't remember a single instance where it was said exactly how much alcohol he drank, other than to say that he never drank when working, he never showed up for work drunk or unable to work because of drinking, Many of them said that he was able to drink a "prodigious" amount without getting drunk, but the term "prodigious" is a relative term.

What may be prodigious for one person could be a minimal amount for another.

That's Henry at work. You'd talk about it for three months ahead of time, and then that night you'd go out and stick the hose in the lawn, turn it on and start singing "Old Black Joe" or something. Pufnstuf , who also put out a lunch box with his image among the other puppet characters. The two made three movies together, but avoided discussing politics. See these reviews:. The duke will rise from his grave and strangle you while wearing assless chaps, as he so did loved to do.

Homosexual john wayne

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Some trace his cancer back to his work in The Conqueror, filmed about miles downwind of Nevada nuclear-weapons test sites. Several people who worked on this movie died of cancer. It has been suggested that the crew brought sand back from the site to use in the studio for other scenes and that this sand was radioactive.

However Wayne was reported to have been a chain smoker - four to five packs to cigarettes a day for forty years. There has NEVER been any evidence at all in any memoirs about Duke by those that knew him, that ever even hinted that there was a suspicion of him being gay. Not even from people that had an axe to grind with him. It is laughable that anyone can cast innuendo and unsubstantiated gossip about a man that spent his life as an American icon of male sexuality.

Just as someone else on this thread so eloquently put forth It's childish and without merit. Rockshake , 7 February UTC. I have trouble with the statement of him being gay as he fathered seven children. Rhymeless , 13 Jun UTC. I have read many books about Wayne and those associated with him like John Ford and talked to people who worked with him, and there is no evidence of him being homosexual or bisexual. According to film director and historian David Bradley.

Wayne was easily dominated by women he was in relationships with, and never got over breaking up with Marlene Dietrich , but that does not establish him as being anything but heterosexual. And I am not one of those people who idolizes every aspect of his career; while I certainly admire his work on the screen, I acknowledge some of his less than admirable behavior like his role in the blacklist or his occasional racist statements towards African-Americans, and am not a fan of his right-wing Catholicism nor his ultraconservative politics.

John Wayne was not Homosexual. There needs to be evidence for this. There was allegations that have been refuted by his family that he converted to Catholicism on his death bead. This is like saying Darwin converted to Christianity on his deathbed. It just does not work. Red River may be the first gay western, since it has the famous "Let me see yours" scene with the gay Clift and the bisexual John Ireland.

It has been often alleged that John Wayne had a very small penis about 3. Can anyone back this up with evidence? Six kids is good enough for me. What is the point of such talk? Even if there were evidence, I hardly see how size of the Duke's sceptre couldn't resist matters in an encyclopedia article.

On the other hand, if there were significant evidence supporting that he were homosexual -- obviously closeted -- that could possibly be significant. I'm the world's biggest fan of the movies of John Wayne -- I've essentially stopped going to movies since he made his last one, and of the perhaps 15 VHS movie tapes I own, 10 of them are pictures starring the Duke.

But I also think that his career, or lack of it, in the armed forces, is germane to an entry about his life. I'm going to check on it in a moment, but I'm pretty sure that other stars such as Jimmy Stewart and Clark Gable had active roles in the Armed Forces, even on the battlefields.

Truth or Myth? According to Michael Munn's book "John Wayne: the Man Behind the Myth," Herbert Yates, the head of Republic pictures who Wayne was signed with, lobbyied several times to attain military deferrment for him because he was Republic's only star and therefore primary source of income. He also relates that the last time Wayne was deferred, he was very disappointed because he felt guilty about not serving up until then.

A worthy role, but not unlike making patriotic movies back home which were shown to troops when they were between deployments. Krstone Big diff. Hack journalist Munn, who has published sensational "biographies" of about 20 conveniently dead stars, made up all that rubbish from Orson Welles. The above sort of thing is, to put it nicely, ridiculous. When was he a draft dodger? What war? What difference does it make whether he defended Rock Hudson's homosexuality?

Maybe this sort of information does have a place in a longer article about John Wayne, but just placed into contextless broken sentences, they express factoids that no one could be expected to take seriously. I don't think this is the way to write article stubs. Here is a bit about better stubs. Notice, also, that you wikified a number of words that actually have articles associated with them. If you knew what naming conventions we're following, you might have known how to link those words; you could also search using the form at the bottom of the page to find out what the exact names of the articles that you want to link to are.

My, that was ugly. Anyway, I've always heard him referred to as "the Duke" or "The Duke" , generally not just "Duke", but that might have been different when he got the name as a child, as it's mentioned in the article.

It should probably say "the Duke" in there somewhere, but I don't know if it should go in the childhood nickname mention, or as a later note that he became known as "the Duke". Wayne may have never went to war, but for a man who was risking to lose his career and marraige it would be a tough decision for anyone.

Muhammed Ali didn't go, pretty sure he is still viewed as one of the, if not the best, boxer in history. John wayne made some, no a lot of good movies, and lets just leave it at that. Career in danger? Marriage on the rocks? While this may not be an attempt to fully justify Wayne's choice, it is certainly an attempt to smooth over the fact that Wayne made money starring in war movies while his peers put their LIVES, not just their marriages and careers, in grave danger.

If made for these reasons, Wayne's choice to not fight should not be ignored because it belittles the sacrifices made by WWII soldiers and their families.

Yes, Muhammad Ali disobeyed the government as well, but Carley's comparison of Ali and Wayne assumes the comparable equality of reason for disobedience Ali - refusal to fight for a racist society, Wayne - apparent popularity and profitability of war movies and also equates the Vietnam War to WWII.

Am currently reading Joe McBride's biography of John Ford, and it deals with the subject of Hollywood stars at war, or not. Previously I had understood that Wayne had tried to join up but had being refused a number of times due to physical problems. Apparently this was'nt the case; his careear was taking off after a decade in the doldrums at the outbreck of war and he did'nt wish to let his second chance go to waste.

He recieved several deferments, and deliberatly did all he could do to stay out of service. Have to say that Wayne does not come out of this smelling of roses at all; McBride suggests that part of the reason he became such a superpatriot in later years was as a means of asserting his patriotism while at the same time deflecting attention away from his less-than-honourable conduct during the war.

Kendrick's not far wrong when he draws similaritys between him and current chickenhawks; I guess it's only someone who's never seen the dogs of war on the loose that feels happy blowing rhetoric. Given Duke's positions on a number of subjects in later years, not to mention his many roles in war movies, I'm genuinely stunned by his actions and quite dissapointed.

Fergananim , 5 October UTC. I would agree that John Wayne had a Selective Service classifications that prevented him from being drafted. I also agree he could have either at best just went ahead and enlisted or at worst insisted he be given a 1A classification - since he portrayed military persons in movies both before and after the war.

Later when a different generation was of the age to be drafted and he was ineligible, he was critical. My father registered in the same time period and was classifed 4F, leaving him very dissapointed. Later he had another chance to be classified and further medical tests got him to be classified as 1A, upon which he was drafted.

So, I would suppose an individual has some influence in the outcome of the classification but I have not seen any evidence that shows Wayne influenced the classification.

Since he did not enlist then he is in this gray area between it. Wikipedia attempts to define Draft dodger. I don't see evidence that he was drafted and refused to serve. There should be a better term. Perhaps it can be said he was a hypocrite, since he made movies during the war, and appeared in uniform, and could have served in the military instead.

I still have my draft card from the early 's but I'm still waiting for a letter When it is anonymous the comments are not as credible. Mfields1 , 2 June UTC. Reagan "dodged the draft" by joining the army reserves in the s, before the war.

True, he never saw combat, but at the same time he was hardly a draft dodger. Well, how many men with four children, an injury that ruined his athletic career at USC he lost all money since he could not play on Howard Jones' legendary team how could a future draft dodger have run out on that? I keep seeing these emotional arguements about how Wayne did his best to evade every turn, but I do not see any citation of documents.

At least there were documents to show the efforts George W. Bush made to steer clear of responsibilities in the Texas Air National Guard intimating only that he evaded a tour in Vietnam, to Dan Rather's chagrin. You mean John Wayne anticipated getting drafted in World War II and gave up a football scholarship and four years at USC so he could dodge the draft over a decade later? What a visionary? Jvortiz , 7 April UTC. Jooler , 13 Mar UTC. Duke as I called him was a very good friend of mine. I met him at a party at Jack Bennys home one week end.

Jack invited me after I met him at a Hollywood eatery one Saturday as a result of a friend of mine set up a joke on Jack. I had an old Maxwell car that I found and restored it according to a friend. It took me about a year to restore. When I was finished with it this friend called me one Saturday and told me to bring my Maxwell to the strip and park it in a spot where he was parked. He pulled out and I pulled in. In front of me was another Maxwell exactly like mine.

I remember it was one hot day and Lou would not tell me who owned the other Maxwill.

Homosexual john wayne