Free pictures of stretched annals-Annals of Maxillofacial Surgery : Table of Contents

Cancel anytime. The Annals , written by Gaius Cornelius Tacitus 56c CE , is regarded as one of the great literary works of history in the Roman world. Originally comprising 18 volumes, books 7 to 10 and parts of books 5, 6, 11 and 16 have been lost, but those that remain, read here by Martyn Swain, tell the fascinating tale of the Julio Claudian emperors and their times. Writing many years after their deaths, in the reign of the emperor Trajan, but still within living memory of his subjects, Tacitus describes the corrupting nature of Roman society with an analytical eye and a critical mind, seeking to present an accurate and considered view of the key events and characters of the preceding century. Beyond the scope of any Hollywood epic, his canvas is vast, and he paints the picture of the incipient decline of Roman values and society following the death of the Divine Augustus.

Free pictures of stretched annals

Free pictures of stretched annals

Free pictures of stretched annals

Free pictures of stretched annals

Overall, the Cutler ov Hunt years were characterized by an increasingly active management with numerous measures being introduced to improve the look and scientific content of the Journal, update its editorial practices and increase editorial inputs from overseas. Dickinson was Chairman of the Annals of Botany Company from to beyond The effect of using mobile Free pictures of stretched annals on medical students' mental focus in respond to knowledge questions. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the presently used protocol for immediate functional loading within maximum Free pictures of stretched annals days of one-piece implants which are placed according to the following methods as published by the IF. Totally adding meperidine to lidocaine-induced axillary block did not lead to increase the systemic side effects, but prolonged duration of blockade significantly. The agony and the ecstasy — the history and meaning of the journal impact factor. No recurrences occurred during the follow-up period. Front cover designs for Annals of Botany in use from until anals There was no evidence of recurrence during follow-up. Standardization of references.

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The images out of Charlottesville, Virginia, are unsettling—but also pathetic, also exasperating—for their boring timelessness.

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Export selected to Endnote. Aims: The aim of this study was to assess the reliability of seven specific radiographic signs of mandibular third molar root that are observed on orthopantomography OPG and to predict the proximity and the absence of corticalization between the mandibular canal and IMTM root on cone-beam computed tomography CBCT images. Subjects and Methods: Data set of 30 panoramic images was retrieved between the year of and indicated for extraction of lower third molars.

The sample consisted of 30 individuals, who underwent preoperative radiographic evaluation before the extraction of impacted mandibular third molars IMTM. Patients aged above 18 years with any of the seven specific signs observed on the panoramic radiograph which includes darkening, deflection, narrowing of roots, bifid root apex, diversion, narrowing of canal and interruption in the white line of the canal were included in the study.

If any of the above mentioned seven specific sign were present, the patient was subjected to CBCT. On the CBCT images, the canal was traced in three planes. The acquired images were assessed for the presence or absence of corticalization. Statistical Analysis Used: Descriptive and inferential statistical analyses were used. Proportions were compared using the Chi-square test and Student's t -test. Conclusions: This study showed the poor reliability of radiographic signs seen on OPG on predicting the proximity of third mandibular root with mandibular canal related to CBCT finding.

Four were diagnosed with the absence of corticalization in CBCT findings. Aim: The objective was to do a comparative study and to evaluate the outcome in overall acceptance for correction of residual facial deformity with autogenous graft versus porous polyethylene implants.

The study patients were further divided into two groups, of eight each. Deformity correction using autogenous grafts was performed in Group A and using high-density polyethylene HDPE alloplastic implants was performed in Group B. During the follow-up period, patients' and doctor rating of overall acceptance between autogenous and alloplastic HDPE bone grafts was recorded on mm visual analog scale VAS on the 2 nd day and 7 th day and at 3, 6, and 12 weeks.

VAS score at all the follow-up periods above stated was significantly higher in alloplastic group than in the autogenous group for both in patients and doctor evaluation. Conclusion: From the present study, it can be concluded that porous HDPE implants are an effective alternative to autogenous grafts in accordance of overall acceptance for correction of residual facial deformity when proper case selection, exclusion of negative prognostic factors, and meticulous surgical procedure are followed.

Both these modalities of treatment have their indications and contraindications and merits and demerits. The present study was designed with the purpose of comparing the outcomes of surgical versus conservative management of moderately displaced subcondylar and condylar neck fractures. In the present study, the outcomes of conservative versus surgical management of subcondylar and condylar neck fractures were discussed in terms of seven parameters, including the maximal interincisal mouth opening, protrusive and lateral excursive movements of the mandible, status of occlusion, deviation of mandible during mouth opening, pain in terms of visual analog scale and the height of ascending ramus radiographically which were measured and evaluated pre- and post-operatively at different intervals of time.

The follow-up was done for a period of up to 6 weeks postoperatively. Statistical Analysis Used: Descriptive and analytical statistics were calculated using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences version The Mann—Whitney U-test was used to assess the significance of the difference between the groups, whereas the Wilcoxon signed-rank test was used to assess the significance of the difference between the paired observations in each group.

The present study provided valuable information and mandated further studies with larger sample sizes to come to definitive conclusions. Context: Oral submucous fibrosis OSMF is an insidious, chronic, disabling disease that mainly affects the oral mucosa. Spirulina is a freshwater microalga which is considered as superfood by the WHO.

Aims: The study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of spirulina along with different physiotherapeutic modalities in the management of OSMF. The block randomization technique was used in the present study to enroll patients into three different groups. All patients were given spirulina mg twice a day for 3 months. Group A patients were instructed to perform isometric mouth exercises for 20 min, twice daily. Group B patients and Group C patients perform exercises using threaded tapered screw and mouth stretching device MSD , respectively, ten times bilaterally twice a day.

Clinical parameters such as burning sensation, mouth opening, tongue protrusion, and cheek flexibility were assessed every 15 days. For intra- and inter-group comparison, paired t - and unpaired t -test was used, respectively. In the present study, spirulina along with different physiotherapeutic modalities was well tolerated by the patients, and significant improvement was seen in the MSD group.

Patients and Methods: A self-administered questionnaire was completed pre- and postoperatively by 10 patients who underwent tongue repositioning surgery for the treatment of OSA from October to December The surgery was judged to be worthwhile by all 10 of patients using a questionnaire, and all 10 patients said that they would recommend the treatment to other patients with OSA.

Conclusions: These preliminary data indicate that tongue-repositioning surgery for the treatment of OSA may be effective in improving excessive daytime sleepiness. These proof-of-concept data require confirmation in an appropriately powered controlled study. Central giant cell granuloma CGCG is an uncommon, benign but aggressive osteolytic neoplasm of the craniomaxillofacial region, histologically characterized by an abundance of evenly distributed multinucleated giant cells within a sea of spindle-shaped mesenchymal stromal cells, scattered throughout the fibrovascular connective tissue stroma containing areas of hemorrhage.

A rare case of a large destructive CGCG involving the entire right angle of mandible, causing extensive bony resorption, and buccal, medial as well as inferior border cortical expansion with multiple perforations, in a young child is presented. Two adjunctive measures were employed; first, chemical cauterization of the residual bony walls to prevent possible recurrence, for which this tumor is notorious, and second, placement of fresh autologous platelet-rich fibrin within the bony defect to hasten bone fill and reossification, thus obviating the need for a bone graft.

Background: To evaluate the effect of low-level laser therapy LLLT on bone healing in patients undergoing bilateral sinus lifting and simultaneous dental implant application. Dental implants were inserted in the same session. Preoperative and postoperative 1 st , 3 rd , and 6 th month orthopantomograms were obtained using the aluminum step-wedge technique. Optic density analyses were performed using a Cardinal Health Digital Densitometer Fluke Biomedical with 1 mm diameter.

These data were used to evaluate the changes in optical bone density and to compare the treatment side with the control side for each patient.

Conclusions: LLLT enhances bone regeneration in sinus augmentation with simultaneous dental implant placement. A good esthetic outcome and optimal functional occlusion is the goal of management of any dentofacial anomaly. Conventional orthognathic surgery, as commonly practiced, entails a rather long-drawn management protocol comprising a triphasic treatment approach, with the surgical procedure being both preceded and followed by pre- and post-surgical orthodontics, respectively.

Further, unforeseen interruptions along the course of the long treatment period can result in unfavorable and even disastrous outcomes. This article presents three cases of severe malocclusion with associated skeletal discrepancies, treated expeditiously and effectively using the SFA protocol.

The overviews of SFA, including its rationale and relevance, indications, general and specific guidelines, different protocol variations, clinical outcome and success rate, as well as possible complications and potential problems encountered with this novel treatment protocol are also discussed. Context: Haller's cells or infraorbital ethmoid cells refer to the ethmoidal pneumatization of the superior aspect of the maxillary sinus, and floor of the orbit can be seen on panoramic radiographs.

They appear as well-defined, round-, oval-, or teardrop-shaped radiolucencies with smooth corticated or noncorticated borders. Aims and Objective: To determine the prevalence and scrutinize the characteristics of Haller's cells on panoramic radiographs. Settings and Design: The present study is a cross-sectional study carried out in institutional setting.

Subjects and Methods: The study group comprised individuals with an age range of 08—80 years selected by convenient sampling method. Three hundred panoramic radiographs were examined for the presence of Haller's cells under ideal viewing conditions by two radiologists. Chi-square test was performed, and significance was set at 0.

Among the 30 Haller's cells, 14 were unilateral and 16 were bilateral. Conclusion: The overall prevalence of Haller's cells is relatively low and is in harmony with other studies conducted in various geographic populations. Knowledge of Haller's cells while interpreting panoramic radiographs is essential to forewarn surgeons before endonasal procedures, thus preventing any untoward intraoperative complications. Background: Immediate functional loading of one-piece dental implants has become an accepted treatment modality for fixed restorations in fully edentulous mandibles and maxillae.

Nevertheless, studies regarding immediate loading procedures in extraction sites in both the jaws, as well as in segment reconstructions and single-tooth replacements, are limited. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the presently used protocol for immediate functional loading within maximum 3 days of one-piece implants which are placed according to the following methods as published by the IF. All implants were placed by one treatment provider, who delivered also the prosthetics and controlled all cases himself over the years.

Data were extracted by an experienced dentist from the patient records and from panoramic X-rays. A number of patients were interviewed at the end of the observation period. Neither hypertension nor diabetes and neither smoking nor bending of the implant's neck had an influence on the success of the implants observed in this study. Aim: This study aims to evaluate the efficiency of dexmedetomidine in atomized intranasal form for sedation in minor oral surgical procedures.

Materials and Methods: A total 25 patients fitting the inclusion and exclusion criteria were selected from the outpatient Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Saraswati Dental College and Hospital, Lucknow. The drug was administered intranasally half an hour before the surgical procedure.

The volume of drug used was recorded. The readings of all the parameters of sedation began 30 min after the drug had been administered. The statistical software used was SPSS Sedation and behavior scores were analyzed by proportions. When a significant result was obtained, the Tukey test was applied for post hoc pairwise comparisons.

All the parameters were recorded at a set interval of time. Conclusion: In conclusion, intranasal administration of 1. Context: Maxillary posterior region is a problem area for the placement of implants. The advanced resorption of alveolar bone is combined with an increase in pneumatization of maxillary sinus because of higher intra-antral pressure, giving rise to severely atrophied alveolar ridges with reduced bone height. Materials and Methods: A total of 26 implants were placed in 21 patients using indirect sinus lift with simultaneous implant placement without using bone grafts.

Intra-oral periapical radiographs were taken to determine residual bone height, endosinus bone ESB , and crestal bone level. All the implants showed ESB gain, with mean being 1. Conclusion: The findings of this study indicate that successful osseointegration is predictable using osteotome sinus floor elevation without bone graft.

Spontaneous new bone formation seemed to be expected with implants placed using indirect sinus lift. Aims: The aim of this study is to analyze the age- and gender-wise incidence of parotid gland tumors, the incidence of various types of tumors, to assess their clinical modes of presentation, the efficacy of treatment, and to evaluate the complications ensuing therein, because of intervention.

Subjects and Methods: A clinicopathological study of parotid gland tumors was undertaken in a tertiary care hospital.

Patients with parotid swelling were clinically evaluated, followed by fine-needle aspiration cytology FNAC. Surgery was planned and performed based on the tumor location and FNAC report. Patients were followed up for postoperative complications. The age range of the patient affected was between 18 and 75 years. Slow progressively parotid swelling was the common presenting complaint. Conclusions: The incidence of parotid salivary gland tumors is increasing in recent years.

Parotidectomy is safe procedure for treating parotid tumors. Background: Dental anxiety and anxiety-related avoidance of dental care creates significant problems for the patients and dental practitioners. Aim: The aim of this study was to study the effectiveness of virtual reality VR as a distraction tool during the administration of local anesthesia in patients undergoing a dental procedure. Preoperative, intra-operative, and postoperative pulse rate and oxygen saturation were measured using pulse oximeter for all the patients.

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Free pictures of stretched annals

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The Ugly, Violent Clichés of White-Supremacist Terrorism | The New Yorker

The images out of Charlottesville, Virginia, are unsettling—but also pathetic, also exasperating—for their boring timelessness. Smoke dissolving into a night sky. Bright light from torches reflected on faces. Those faces stretched into snarls. The images out of Charlottesville, Virginia, on Friday and Saturday are unsettling—but also pathetic, also exasperating—for their boring timelessness.

Just last month, members of the Ku Klux Klan took their turn. Both groups claimed as inspiration another image, as old and iconic, in its way, as their cause: the form of Robert E. Lee astride his horse. On many sides. Not Donald Trump. Not Barack Obama. A photo by Samuel Corum for Anadolu Agency presents it as it is. Orange light defines the outlines of their heads. A kid in a too-big white polo, black T-shirt underneath, is in the middle of a shout, like some upset Nazi toddler.

A forelock hangs down; the wind might carry it into his eye. Which awful word sits on that half-shadowed tongue? He looks ridiculous, but even in the silence of the picture, his motives are clear. Six days before the U. Sign in. Get the best of The New Yorker in your in-box every day. Privacy Policy.

Free pictures of stretched annals

Free pictures of stretched annals

Free pictures of stretched annals