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Forced sex sories

She Forcrd got home atno matter what. Her mouth must Forced sex sories opened, though, because all of a sudden, something large and warm entered her mouth. The train started to move Forced sex sories, and the man's hand moved as well, now making circular motions on her ass cheek, wider and wider circles. Then I spend time from around osries till about 3 or pm alone well they were gone. Maybe she should marry a black cop. This was the decision that would change my life forever. Mother Fucker.

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I had moved into one of the top suites in the hotel, and watched them all very closely. January 19,PM by MillieDynamite. If you see any pop-up ads or find yourself redirected to weird sites while visiting Literotica - or if you just want to check your computer for spyware - click here to take our new Spyware Browser Test. I opened Forced sex sories door and walked in Wex need to live a little. Anyone can have us publish their texts, for free. Free sites for escorts Kong. Not down to my lovely father as he,s just as sexy as he was forty years ago. If sex including toddlers offends you, then pass this one by. She gives a startled gasp as the weight of the knot settles against her neck, but she stands straight and proud while swx Forced sex sories oFrced knot snugly Forced sex sories her ear. Unfortunately for Carol, she gets her wish. All that time they I HAD to have her. Or is she?

It was part way through the afternoon on a hot summer day, Tina was not in school where she should have been instead she was bunking off like she often did, she came from a very unruly and violent family that were into all sorts of crime, Tina despite her young age was a mouthy … Continue reading Changing Sides.

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I decide to surprise you and pick you up after the club. I park the car outside and while I wait I watch the pussy walking by and think about how I am going to have you tonight. You exit the club with a tall attractive male. When I am about to attract your attention […]. I stood in front of my full-length mirror, admiring my costume. While not see through, the shimmering white costume revealed plenty of flesh.

My shoulders, back and arms were bare, the cloth coming up the […]. My lovely wife is Cassie and I loved her very much. I say I loved her because I am not so sure now after what happened when we were returning from our beach holiday recently! I work in a law office as a junior partner and am very happy working there but sometimes things happen […].

Ben had never been so happy in his entire life! To say his courtship of Sarah had been a whirlwind affair would be an understatement, because less that […]. Amanda hurried through the heavily falling snow on the way to her dorm room from the library.

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When my mother doesn't show up to pick me up from school, I choose to walk the few miles to home, when suddenly I am kidnapped and raped by a black man and his dogs. Closet Whore. MF, necro? Lillie was still small for her age. At the time, it seemed the perfect escape.

Forced sex sories

Forced sex sories

Forced sex sories

Forced sex sories

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I soon posted a free add Brandi sees her son for the first time when she arrives in California, what a big shock to all He shot his jizz for what seemed like a couple of minutes, gobs of it filled my mouth and I let some drip out and down my breast and even got a blast sprayed on my face A story about rivalling sororities and a member captured and enslaved by his rival sorority and forced to worship the members feet, and whatever else they can come up with!

The week of spring break a group of guys in college bully and beat me up taking the keys to my limited edition sports car. It was over a week before my car was returned to me. My car now a complete wreck was used abused and ruined. I was horrified my pride and joy it was my only prize possession. The ordeal of it all was so powerful it affected my sexual desires He watched me touch myself, then taught me a hard lesson We don"t know each other"s names, but now all I wanted was for him to fuck me hard Voyeurism, spanking Richard and Nikki are at first forced to perform for their captors and for others.

Soon afterward they become part of a city-wide game of exhibitionism, forced performance and humiliation while dealing with swing and group events This is a imaginary story that a Hindu boy fantasise about covered Muslim women"s. And his hard work to get a relationship with those beautiful women"s James sucked her titties and bit her hard nipples as she began to convulse and had a long hard orgasms with both of their black cocks deep in her now dripping cunt Kyle came to a party, not knowing what to expect.

He got much better than what he had been hoping for Fantasy to fuck an Indian Traditional female that got fulfilled to satisfaction after a long wait A Hunger Games type story. Depicted in this story are naked females using their bodies to smother and kill victims. There are no ages given in this story, it is up to you, the reader to supply them as you see fit Dennis is a year-old retired Vietnam Vet romantically involved in a May-Dec.

Husband has too much to drink and wife persuades the cop not to arrest him. The next time it may take both of their persuasion skills After being betrayed and screwed over, Nicole seeks revenge on a former best friend and a new enemy Involves gangbang, cuckold, humiliation, rough sex A top class call girl finds herself run by the mob after her agency is taken over by gangsters Where my white wife LIsa gets a moonlight gangbang in the Swaziland bush attended by naked black Swazi maidens to the beat of tribal drums.

I watch my randy wife being repeatedly fucked Wife was raped while on vacation, however she then became the mistress of the rapist and performed every sex act imaginable with him. Including allowing him to screw her without a rubber and letting him cum in her A sequel to Tempting Faith, where her and her partner Rhona continue her lesbian education in the basement I was so jealous of Gareth.

He got to fuck her every night. I decided that for once it would be my turn You may not duplicate or copy any portion of this site without permission. Check also our Tube. A Sex Stories Forced sex stories. The Choir Director. Thirty One Days : Part 1. I let my wife fuck two guys. Don"s mistake turns to fun : Chapter one.

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My name is Linda and this is a true story about some things that happened to me that changed my life forever. We dated for several years and married 2 days after my 23rd Birthday. Till later when I got a job working at an office. We have 2 kids. Are life was pretty normal, we raised our kids, did the normal husband and wife things. Soon both our kids were of to collage, and we had an emptier house.

Our daily routine changed a little, when Joe was switched to night shift at the station. He would leave the house at am to report by am. He would be off at am but I left for work at that time working a to day shift. So we saw each other less then we use to but adjusted to it. This soon became a routine like before. At 45 I knew I still looked great for my age, and had a great body, so I liked to dress nice even a little on the sexy side.

My husband sometimes did not like it because he said guys would hit on me. I never felt there was any harm in showing off a bit, because I always did it in a tasteful way. Did this helped to cause the start of all this? The day started like any other day. The clock struck pm I left work and headed home. My husband and I sat and ate dinner together, and chatted about my day. When am rolled around he left for work, and I was left in my empty house.

I was board and could not sleep, so I decided to go out to the local 24 hour supermarket to buy junk food and a movie to watch. This was the decision that would change my life forever. Even though it was winter in mid February, the weather was warm so I tossed on a thin cotton dress and headed out.

I looked through the bin of movies. Finding 2 I liked and grabbing some popcorn and candy and I checked out, and headed for my car the place was empty except for other cars.

I put my bags in the trunk and was unlocking my door and about to open it when a man approached me. He asked me if I had the time. I looked at my watch, and was about to say when from behind, a hand clamped around my mouth and a very strong arm around my waist.

The first man ran up and grabbed my legs. I was quickly carried to a car and tossed into the trunk. My mouth was gagged and my hands taped. Then the trunk lid closed, the car started up, and off we went.

We seemed to drive for ever. The fear of what was happing had me in shock. We finally stopped and the trunk opened 2 men in masks pulled me from it and slipped a blind fold over my eyes. I only saw a quick look at the inside if a house garage before the blind fold covered my eyes. They carried me through a door. I knew we were outside, I could feel the breeze hit me. We were not outside long though, before they carried me through another door, into a house I guessed.

My panic meter went off and I tried to struggle and get free, but they pulled me down a flight of stairs where my blindfold fell off, and I saw that I was in a basement of a house. I pulled free of the guy holding me and fell to the ground. I managed to get to my feet to run but my arms were still tied. I was grabbed up and carried to a mattress, lying at the end of the room. I was tossed on to it and the gag was pulled off and my arms unbound.

The reality of what they were planning to do did not fully hit me till this moment, and with the gag off I tried screaming for the first time. My hands free I struggled and fought with them.

I screamed out for help, so hard in fact it hurt my throat. I kept screaming and crying for help and struggled to free my arms. The 1st guy pulled at the top of my dress and ripped it open. The buttons that closed it popped off and flew everywhere. My breasts jumped out from behind my ripped open top and were exposed for them to see.

The 1st guy quickly ripped my dress off me and tossed it aside. Leaving me with just my panties, then he began to fondle, lick and suck my breasts. The emotions of all of it washed over me and I cried out, tears ran from eyes.

No one but my husband had ever touched me before, and now some stranger was forcing himself on me. He only spent a few moments mauling my breasts before moving down my body. He reach out and grabbed my panties, with one hard tug yanked them down my legs and off of me. He then grabbed my legs at the ankles and pushed them back to my chest the 2nd guy still holding my arms grabbed hold of my ankles. He had no trouble holding my wrists and ankles at the same time. Then the 1st guy suddenly pushed a finger inside my pussy.

I let out a gasp at feeling it and I closed my eyes and cried. He worked his finger in and out till I started to get wet then he quickly slipped his finger out, and I heard him take down his pants. I freaked when I saw his cock. It was huge. Long and very thick. He stayed deep inside me for a moment, then pulled back and began to rapidly piston his cock in and out of me. The initial pain of his large cock being forced inside me soon went away, and in its place a tingling started in my pussy and belly.

The 2nd guy had let my hands and legs go, and stepped away. The1st guy took hold of my wrists pinning them to the mattress my legs lay hanging out to the side limp. He pinned me into the mattress every time he thrust inside me. I squeezed my eyes shut and closed my mouth to try to hide pleasure that was sweeping over me.

My mind raced. How, could this be happing!? I was getting raped! But try as I could to fight it off, it got to feeling even better. It had long since past anything I ever felt well with my husband. And even past how good it ever felt when I touched myself. It built till I was having a full blown orgasm. Something id never had with my husband. My juices poured out of me, and I shut my eyes in the utter shame of it all.

I felt like a whore. He lay on top of me, his cock still firmly buried in my pussy. He had a look on his face that told me he was pissed and was ready to hurt me. I replied. He smiled then asked if I ever cheated on my husband? Unfortunately for me, my outburst pissed him off, and I took several good slaps to the face.

I was dazed for a bit and very quickly learned not to do that again. The next then he said to me, when I showed I was settled down was. Got it? I was not sure about the thickness in inches so I said. His is like a carrot. The whole time he was doing this he still had his cock up my pussy, and was still fully hard. As soon as he stopped asking me the questions, He then began to slowly pump his cock in and out of me.

The movement of his cock started my pussy feeling good again only after a few seconds. My mind was racing, and in a panicked jumble, How many times was I going to be raped? Were they going to even let me go free or kill me!? It was soon made worse by the things he started saying to me well he continued raping me. He started saying. On and on he went, all the while still rapidly pumping his cock in me, till I hit the peak of my orgasm, and came real hard again my moaning turned into one hard long groin, well my cum juices pored out of me.

Not long after he tightened up and pushed his cock deep into me, and again shot a big load of cum deep inside me.

Forced sex sories

Forced sex sories

Forced sex sories